The Joy of a Job Well Done!

September 1, 2016 by Delwyn

“Getting to the other side of an event makes me beyond happy. Seeing the joy on people’s faces on the evening but also hearing the reviews makes me glad. I just love pulling together a beautiful table that encourages community”. – I had to cheer when I read this quote from Stacey Clark. She had contacted me re being the wedding celebrant for one of her clients and because I had not had the pleasure of working with her before I did a little research and fell in love with her philosophy.

It is one of the things that keep me wanting to work as a marriage celebrant. That incredible pleasure of doing a good job. I love to treat every one of my couples like they are my only couple and create every one of their ceremonies to reflect them and their uniqueness.

I often find when I first meet a couple that they are not exactly sure what they would like for a ceremony. It’s only when we get chatting and I throw a few ideas out there that they realise their ceremony can something really special. Most of the work and planning they have done up until then has gone into the reception, the ceremony just being the ‘legals’. To have the honour and pleasure of helping couples to create and develop a wedding ceremony that is totally meaningful to them, reflects their personalities and values, so they feel they ‘own’ it, well that’s just an amazing feeling. And then you get a heart-felt Thank You! A fabulous feeling! Thank You!

Love Letters

It is always really exciting to meet like-minded suppliers and I look forward to working with Stacey 🙂