A Memorial Service – My First

February 15, 2017 by Delwyn

Some days are just better than others. Today I received this beautiful letter of thanks and it made me feel both amazing and a little afraid – that’s a lot to live up too! Thank you Marcus for your very kind words.

RE: Jason Cace’s Memorial Service

Dear Delwyn

I am feeling better, and just going through the normal grieving process.  As you know, some days are better than others I would like to say THANK YOU for officiating the amazing memorial service for my brother, Jason Alan Cace on Sunday morning of the 5/2/2017.

Your kind, sympathetic words and tone were encased in an uplifting and positive manner while still addressing the humane need for sorrow and grievance. The service gave merit to the life of Jason, He would be incredibly proud of the way in which the service was conducted, you not only made a very heart sore time, very special but also listened to our individual needs as well. You captured the essence of his personality and traits, conveyed them with sincerity and doused with empathy.

Your and the attention to detail made us feel comfortable, underpinning that we were in the right hands.  I know it was a particularly hard day for you, as this was your first memorial service this was not noticeable at all during the service. You captivated all with your thought-provoking words and the power of your delivery, a very professional service.

I have received only praise for you. It was wonderful how you came across and everyone is talking about how touching and moving the memorial service, many of the attendees have said that it was one of the most beautiful memorial service they’d ever been to. So on behalf of my entire family – thank you so much for the lovely service, it has made the process that little bit easier.

Kind Regards

Marcus Cace

On behalf of the Cace family

PS: I am definitely going to keep your details close at hand and I hope that I can share your details within my circle of family and friends in some way in the future.