How to Choose Your Celebrant

October 25, 2017 by Delwyn

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re now at the beginning of a wonderful, and sometimes stressful, journey to your wedding day. For starters, it must be daunting when you begin your search for suppliers! So how do you find the ‘right’ celebrant? Here are a few pointers that I hope will be helpful.

Firstly you need an authorised celebrant for your marriage to be legal. They also need to be professional and reliable. Choose someone who is genuine, authentic and creative. Someone who cares.

They should respond to your emails within 24 hours and answer your questions clearly. You want someone who is going to communicate with you regularly and someone you don’t need to chase up.

Find one you feel comfortable with. I think that’s very important. Find a celebrant you feel listens to you, understands you, your values and your sense of humour, and will create a wedding ceremony for you, exactly the way you want it. You should feel proud of your ceremony.

They should speak clearly, have a good PA system and dress appropriately for your ceremony. They should be able to deliver your ceremony in a way that allows everyone to feel the emotion and importance of the moment.

Punctuality is important too.

A rehearsal should be a part of their service. It’s important that you feel confident and relaxed about what will happen on the day.

I understand how daunting it must be to try to find ‘your’ celebrant, but it’s worth the effort. When I first meet couples they mostly know what they don’t want, but not what they want! I love the process of finding out together what would make their ceremony just the best wedding ceremony ever, for them.

Take time to choose your suppliers well, it will make all the difference to how you enjoy your wedding day.

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