Ties, Bowties, Tacking and New Shoes

May 31, 2016 by Delwyn0

There are certain little things that can spoil an otherwise perfect wedding. They are badly tied ties and bowties, tacking on new suits and new shoes that give you blisters. My Dad taught me how to tie a Windsor Knot and a half Windsor knot when I was just a kid and it was my job to tie all my brother’s ties. Does anyone still do this? Well it’s one of the fun things I get to do as a marriage celebrant when the groom and or groomsmen are not sure how to tie their ties 🙂 Another thing is cutting and removing the tacking on new suits, many guys are not even aware that this needs to be removed. And new shoes! Girls are pretty switched on about ‘breaking’ your shoes in and carrying a spare pair for the reception but that concept is completely foreign for most guys!
So here’s a check list for the groom and his best men:
1. Learn how to tie a Windsor Knot or the Knot of your choice before your wedding day.
2. If you are wearing a Bowtie, buy a real one and learn how to tie it. There is something special about a guy who can do that 🙂
3. Make sure all tacking is removed from your new suits.
4. Take your new shoes for a few test runs around the house to see if they give you blisters. If they do, put plasters on for your wedding day so you can enjoy the day and the first dance. Take a couple of spare plasters too, you never know who might need them 🙂

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