Lop-sided Wedding Parties

August 19, 2016 by Delwyn0

Recently a bride-to-be was looking for advice on a Wedding Facebook Page about how to include her 12 yr old sister in the wedding party. It would be a lop-sided wedding party if she did. Plus her Mum wanted her to be paired up with someone. Problem was, the groom didn’t want to have any more of his mates in the wedding party. Quite a dilemma but totally unnecessary! Nowadays quite often the wedding parties do not have even numbers.

As a marriage celebrant I have seen several scenarios: More bridesmaids than groomsmen and the groomsmen have very happily exited with a bridesmaid on each arm! They loved that! And more groomsmen, we found a mother of the bride and a special granny who were only too delighted to be escorted from the ceremony.

Wedding Traditions such as equal numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen are only important if you want them to be. You should feel free to do whatever you are comfortable with. Many couples are now only having a Maid of Honour and a Bestman. And here’s another idea for you. There is no reason why a bride can’t have Bridesmen and a Groom Groomsmaids! Go on, be brave and do what YOU want to do and enjoy your special day because it’s exactly what YOU wanted it to be!

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