German Wedding Customs * Deutsche Hochzeits-Traditionen

December 23, 2019 by Delwyn

Even if Germany is your cultural home and you have decided to get married in Australia, there is no need to abandon the fun wedding traditions. You get to enjoy many cultural traditions as a marriage celebrant but German wedding customs are really quite unique and enjoyable for everyone!

Two very well-known ones are Baumstamm Sägen – sawing a tree trunk – and Das Hochzeitsherz Ausschneiden – cutting a heart out of a bedsheet. Both of these are usually performed immediately after the ceremony or directly before the reception.

For the Baumstamm Sägen it’s traditional to use a blunt saw which represents the difficulties the couple will face, and endeavour to overcome, in their life together. The couple demonstrate that they are willing to cooperate and work as a team to reach their goals, whatever might come their way. If you decide to include this custom in your wedding ceremony it is really important to do four things: 1. Build two sturdy tressles to hold the log 2. Choose a blunt saw but make sure it isn’t too flimsy. 3. Have a secret little starting cut on your log so you can easily place your saw into the cut and continue to saw without struggling to start, and, 4. choose a piece of timber that can be cut without too much difficulty! There are many hardwoods in Australia and it is quite amusing when couples unknowingly choose one and it takes them forever to actually complete the cut. Your guests will thank you!


Das Hochzeitsherz Ausschneiden – Cutting a Heart out of a Bedsheet – is a little simpler and does not require as much preparation. In fact you only need two things, 1. A queen or kingsize bedsheet that has a large heart, preferably in red, drawn on it and 2. Two pairs of nail scissors, the smaller the better. The sheet is held up and taut by two tall people which traditionally are the groomsmen. One of the bridesmaids then hands the Bride and Groom each a pair of nail scissors and informs them this is their first challenge as a couple and if they can complete it successfully they will be able to manage any problems that life may bring their way! Beginning at the bottom of the heart, the couple, each armed with a pair of nail scissors, must then cut out the shape of the heart until they meet at the top. This is their first task as a married couple and symbolic of the many fun but sometimes arduous tasks they will have in their future life together and to remind them that it is much more enjoyable to do things together for a common goal. Once the heart is cut out completely the groom is to carry his new bride through the newly created heart shape into their new life together. Guests love this tradition and thoroughly enjoy taking sides and egging the couple on to race to get their side cut first – first finished wears the pants in the relationship??


Falls ihr auf eure Hochzeit in Australien noch mehr Spass haben wollen und diese Traditionen auch weiterfuehren moechten ist dass absolute kein Problem. Dass kann ich alles fuer euch gerne organizieren. Meldet euch bei mir, ich freue mich auf eure Anfrage.

Main photo credit Steven Cheah Photography