Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals

May 10, 2016 by Delwyn0

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals
It might be something that you think you can save on but the wedding ceremony rehearsal is actually pretty important. You could say it’s practice making perfect! It’s the logistics that are important and a run-through with your wedding party and wedding celebrant will ensure everyone knows when to walk and where to stand. You also need to know if your chosen piece of music will be long enough for the bridal party entrance. If there are Wedding Rituals or readers and performers it’s also important that those involved know when they are ‘on’ and that they do a sound test and practise with the microphone they will be using. If you are using Skype for overseas guests, use this time to make sure you have a strong signal. You may need to bring your own dongle.
So who needs to be at a wedding rehearsal?
The most important people to have at your ceremony rehearsal is everyone who will be participating in some way, whether it’s walking down the aisle or doing a reading. Of course the bride, groom, parents (whoever is walking the bride down the aisle), and wedding celebrant need to be present (since we’ve all got starring roles!). There is no need to go through the whole ceremony, in fact I don’t recommend that at all, it’s better if it’s ‘fresh’ on the day. But going through the general order that things will happen in, like does your sister’s reading come before or after the hand-fasting, does everyone involved in the hand-fasting know where to stand and how to tie the ribbon, (or at least the first person…), that’s important. These things all ensure everyone feels confident on the day.
Having as many of your wedding party there as possible is also helpful. If one or two can’t make it the others can update them about the details of the processional and recessional and standing positions. There may be other ‘special’ things happening too – recently I had the groomsmen collect the bridesmaids at the top of a long flight of uneven stairs and escort them to the ‘Altar’. This decision could never have been made without a rehearsal.
Don’t think a rehearsal must be boring. Use it as a time to catch up and I will keep it as short and fun as possible. You will never regret having a rehearsal.

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