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September 23, 2016 by Delwyn

How to include Loved Ones in Your Wedding Ceremony

Photo by Yoram Conradt

Traditionally the Wedding Ceremony includes the Bride and Groom, their wedding party and the Marriage Celebrant. But what happens if you have more close family and friends that you would like to include in your ceremony in some special way? Well there are plenty of ideas to consider so you can include all your loved ones and friends in your ceremony.

• Two witnesses are required to sign your marriage documents. They can be anyone over the age of 18.

• A Hand-fasting Ceremony can include up to 14 people and if they cannot be present they can send ribbons with their messages of love and support written onto the ribbons.

• Ring-Warming and Stone-Warming Ceremonies can include every guest.

• It’s lovely to have someone to guide family and special guests to their seats.

• Skype – a special person can also do a reading on skype. A microphone can pick up the voice so everyone can hear and enjoy.

• There are also many wonderful poems and prose which are especially appropriate for weddings that can be read by several guests. They don’t need to come to the front, so to speak, they can stay where they are and each present a portion of the reading with the microphone being passed around.

• Don’t be afraid to give away responsibilities – little jobs that you think you can handle yourself on the day. You shouldn’t have anything to think about on the day except you and your partner. It is really important that you can totally and fully concentrate on your ceremony and your day. Ask your celebrant to include a Thank You in the ceremony to all these special people who are doing little jobs for you. It will make them feel extra special.