The Perfect Wedding Gift

November 10, 2016 by Delwyn

What are the criteria for a perfect wedding gift? As a wedding celebrant I am rarely involved in advising on wedding gifts but this week I was put in a position to ask myself this question. I heard a wonderful story from one of my brides-to-be and it inspired me! I am often touched when I hear my couple’s stories, it’s one of the special parts of being a marriage celebrant, but this story touched me to the core.

So what are those criteria? I believe they are the following:

  1. Something the person needs.
  2. Something the person is not expecting.
  3. It’s thoughtful and kind and shows generosity of spirit.
  4. It’s not asking for anything in return.
  5. The cost is not priority.
  6. It will make the recipient exceedingly happy!

I had been emailing with Candice for the past few weeks as I was overseas and another celebrant had kindly done the legal paperwork for me, which meant that I had not as yet had the pleasure of meeting the couple in person. I called Candice on my return to arrange a meeting and she immediately apologised for her indistinct speech, which I hadn’t noticed. I asked why and she explained she had new teeth! The story was amazing and I was in awe of this wonderful woman. Due to an abusive relationship and a past life she wasn’t proud of, she had lost her teeth. For years she had lived without them, never being able to chew anything, or taste anything and worst of all, never being able to smile.

Then she met Mal. “He keeps me centred, he has that special power that does that for me, he is my best friend and the love of my life, I never thought life could be so beautiful and so full of love and respect till the day I met Mal.” Now she had good reason to smile, but still couldn’t.

It was her Dad who came up with the idea to give Candice her smile back as her wedding present. What a man, I want to hug him over and over again! And I can’t wait to see that smile again on the weekend!

By the way, she tells me she can’t stop smiling! That has to be the best problem to have, ever!